Introducing ThinkSpaces

ThinkSpaces was conceived by the passionate belief that physical learning and working spaces should contribute to both the success and well-being of every person using it. We believe that spaces should be about the people who are using them. All of the people.

The rise of collaborative and social learning spaces in higher education establishments across the globe is based around a core pedagogical principle: people think better together.

ThinkSpaces is an open conversation. It is a place for space designers, product solutions specialists, researchers, academics, integrators and architects to explore, challenge and collaborate with one simple goal: healthier, happier and more effective thinking spaces for everyone.

A set of 6 Hexagonal images showing the products designed to create an effective learning environment including the Acoustic Pods,Lecture theatre seating and acoustic solutions.

Who We Are

ThinkSpaces is a collaborative project dedicated to the development of more effective working and learning spaces for everyone.

In 2015 Sundeala Ltd and TeacherBoards merged over a century of experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of high performance learning space solutions. We are passionate about the physical environment and it’s ability to nurture and inspire.


Virtual Campus

    • Expert insight from academics, researchers and designers
    • Learning Space Solutions from Leading Product Specialists
    • Real world applications and use cases

Perspectives From the ThinkSpaces Community

Delivering content from experts and specialists that empowers the evolving world of learning and working space design.