Welcome to the Virtual Campus

The ThinkSpaces Virtual Campus draws together the insight and experience of the many people who have shared their time and expertise with us in pursuit of more effective learning spaces for every student and teacher.

Explore our three pilot rooms below and engage with the ‘hotspot’ overlays to discover product information, view video information, imagery of solutions in use and snippets of insight and information from a range of experts.

These three rooms are only the beginning, so if you have a vision, a solution, an idea or insight to share that you believe contributes to more effective learning environments, please talk to us.

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A set of 6 Hexagonal images showing the virtual campus rooms including the Acoustic Pods and Lecture theatre seating arrangements.
Image displaying a floorplan of the virtual campus including Seminar Room, Lecture theatre and social learning space.
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Virtual Campus

Click on the rooms in the floor plan or on the links below to explore.

Perspectives From the ThinkSpaces Community

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