TeamMate WorksZone Collaboration Table

WorksZone is a range of flexible collaborative tables designed to connect people with audio visual technology available from TeamMate. The ergonomic design allows users to connect their devises seamlessly for a more productive group meeting.

Image shows the Interactive TeamMate Workszone collaboration table

TeamMate WorksZone Collaboration Table

With a range of worktop finishes and accessories, WorksZone can be customised to suit various meeting and teaching space aesthetics and requirements.

The central module can be customised with a range of power, data and other connectivity options to enable users to share their content with the screen. Built into each WorksZone is a 19” equipment rack to enable secure storage mounting for AV/IT equipment in addition to full cable management. The specially designed WorksZone also has the ability is also equality act compliant with its height adjustable optional feature for a sit/stand workplace.

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  • Flexible solution with mobile castors to enable redeployment within spaces
  • Central connectivity module for custom inputs for connecting devices
  • Range of worktop shapes, sizes and finishes available
  • Writeable worksurfaces allow users to make notes and annotations whilst working
  • Range of accessories available including, sound bar bracket, connectivity inputs, cable retractor and booth seating
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TeamMate WORKZONE Technical Specification Drawings


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