ThinkWell Acoustic Cube

The ThinkWell Acoustic Cube offer an unobtrusive space for meetings, group work and a welcome retreat for students around your University campus. The acoustic panels are made from sound absorbent materials that block out unwanted background noise, helping concentration and communication levels soar.

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ThinkWell Acoustic Cube

The interior back panel can be designed for users to install a television screen; a dry wipe board; projection screens or extra acoustic panelling at a specified cost. The seating and surrounding panels are available in a wide range of shades to suit all environments and aesthetical preferences.

The acoustic panels, exterior panels are upholstered in Camira Xtreme fabric whilst the base seating is available in Camira Main Line Flax fabric, offering over 200,000 colour configurations. Mix and match a whole range of colour options and design it your way. This creative quiet space can be tailored to suit the colour scheme and aesthetic of your establishment.

  • Sound absorbent cubes for meetings, learning spaces, and social spaces
  • With 200,000 colour configurations
  • Large cubes come with seats, table, acoustic panels and power outlet as standard
  • Features external acoustic panelling to improve the acoustics of your entire space
  • Acoustic panels available in Camira Xtreme fabric
  • Base seating available in Camira Main Line Flax fabric
  • Unique baffle ceiling with an increased sound absorbent surface area
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