The Third Teacher: Design for Learning

We believe that effective learning environments are symbiotic ecosystems; a carefully balanced blend of architectural design principles, modern pedagogy and innovative technologies.

A well designed learning space supports, enhances and inspires creative and independent thought, bringing students together to share, imagine and grow.

A set of 6 Hexagonal images showing the products designed to create an effective learning environment including the Acoustic Pods,Lecture theatre seating and acoustic solutions.

The Changing Face of Learning Spaces

As pedagogy makes the transition between transactional and transformational learning, learning space requirements have become far more complex. Modern learning is collaborative, flexible and organic but there is still a place for didactic knowledge transfer.

The ‘perfect’ learning space can be different for every student, every lecturer, every subject, module and topic. There is no ‘one size fits all’ ideal learning environment. From pioneering social collaboration spaces to modern evolutions of the traditional ‘talk and chalk’ lecture theatres, diversity and choice are central to effective teaching and learning.

Image of the dedicated teaching learning Space known as the Oculus located at Warwick University

Inspiring Spaces

As Sundeala and TeacherBoards we have had the privilege to be involved in some of the most inspiring spaces in the country. We have seen some universities transform existing rooms into engaging collaborative discussion spaces on a low budget and others reveal mulit-million pound buildings that are design masterpieces.

If you have an inspirational space we would love to visit it, experience it, and share it with our community so please get in touch.

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