Professor John Stein is Emeritus Professor of Physiology at Oxford University

Professor John Stein

Professor John Stein is Emeritus Professor of Physiology; Emeritus Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford University. His research is wide reaching, covering the ways in which vision controls movement in animals, the links between dyslexic children and anti-social offenders and the visual, auditory and visual basis of dyslexia.

Professor Stein is widely published and frequently in the media talking about his work. In 1995 he joined Dr Sue Fowler, a respected orthoptist, in founding the Dyslexia Research Trust (DRT) to investigate the brain mechanisms underlying visual reading difficulties. Together they put forward the ‘magnocellular’ theory of dyslexia.

Dedicated to is to helping people with reading difficulties, especially young children, to achieve their full potential in life. Professor John Stein says: “Often dyslexic children are very talented. It’s just that their talents don’t include reading and spelling.”

Watch Professor Stein discuss the link between creativity and dyslexia below. Visit the Dyslexia Research Trust for more information about their work or visit his profile at the department of physiology, anatomy and genetics at Oxford University: John Stein