About ThinkSpaces

ThinkSpaces exists to support the drive for more effective ‘thinking spaces’ from lecture theatres and social learning hubs to conference spaces and offices.

We recognise that designing a space that delivers for every person using it is the Holy Grail. The most effective and inspiring spaces we have seen have drawn on the insight, knowledge and experience of a whole catalogue of experts.

ThinkSpaces exists to provide a platform for those experts to share their knowledge – their experience, research and lived experiences – to build the future of working and learning space design together.

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The Space Design of the Future

Over the last few years the conversation around space design has gathered speed. The physical landscape of Higher Education has shifted dramatically and this has spread through workplaces as people strive to discover the most effective ways to think, learn and grow.

Teaching spaces have become learning spaces. Working spaces have become collaboration spaces. Rooms, buildings and even gardens have become Thinking Spaces.

ThinkSpaces is based on one of the core pedagogical principles that shapes modern education: People think better together.

Together we can build the ThinkSpaces of the future.

Proudly Delivered by TeacherBoards and Sundeala Ltd

When Sundeala Ltd merged with TeacherBoards in 2015 we brought together half a century of insight and experience in space design, from nursery schools to universities, tiny start up offices to high street banks.

We not only pride ourselves on supplying the very best quality writing and display products in the market but our installation engineers and product specialists have been on the ground as new builds and refurbishment projects pull together into spectacular spaces for decades.

We have the privilege of working with some of the best in the business from architects and FF&E companies through to AV integrators and internal university specifiers. We have been proud to be involved in creating some of the most innovative learning spaces in the country.

ThinkSpaces was the natural evolution of our passion for effective space design.

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Virtual Concept Spaces & Insight from a Community of Experts

Over the course of the last two years ThinkSpaces has been an evolving idea with one mission: discover the ways in which the built environment affects the thinking, learning and working taking place inside of it. We have talked to academics and researchers, charities and health professionals. We have had coffee with architects and lunch with AV integrators. We have debated with space planners and explored with product designers.

We have been excited and inspired every step of the way.

The Virtual Campus is the first step on a journey that pulls together the wealth of knowledge and expertise we have encountered along the way. Step inside to interact with our pilot spaces and learn from the insights that have been shared with us. Stay with us as those insights grow. Share your own.

Join the conversation.

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Our team

ThinkSpaces is delivered by Sundeala Ltd and TeacherBoards. We have been living and breathing effective thinking spaces for decades and we can’t wait to talk to you about your space!

Rob Nichol

Specification Consultant

An image of Amy Williams Space Design and Product Solution Specialist

Amy Williams

Space Design and Product Solution Specialist

An image of Gemma Marshall Product Solution Specialist and Space Design Advisor

Gemma Marshall

Product Solution Specialist and Space Design Advisor

An Image of Joe Sutcliffe Space Configuration and Installation Engineer

Joe Sutcliffe

Space Configuration and Installation Engineer