Introducing ThinkSpaces

ThinkSpaces is a collaboration between Sundeala Ltd and TeacherBoards to showcase our project and installation work.

Our joint decades of experience in creating practical yet highly aesthetic learning environments have led us to create this central hub of ‘Learning Space’ knowledge helping you create healthier, happier, and more effective spaces.

ThinkSpaces is about showcasing our spaces. It is place for us to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise throughout the whole process of designing an outstanding thinking space. Starting with our expert selection of products specifically suited to a particular environment and following it all the way through to completion with detailed case studies and customer testimonials.

Through our expertise in design and product specification, we want to help find the best options that work for your space.

A set of 6 Hexagonal images showing the products designed to create an effective learning environment including the Acoustic Pods,Lecture theatre seating and acoustic solutions.

Who We Are

In 2015 Sundeala Ltd and TeacherBoards merged over a century of experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of high performance learning space solutions. We are passionate about helping our customers create learning and working spaces which nurture and inspire.


Virtual Campus

    • Expert insight from academics, researchers and designers
    • Learning Space Solutions from Leading Product Specialists
    • Real world applications and use cases

Perspectives From the ThinkSpaces Community

Delivering content from experts and specialists that empowers the evolving world of learning and working space design.